Foods For Breast Enlargement Infographic

foods rich in estrogens for breast enlargement

If you’re insecure about your breast size or are just trying to up a cup size for funsies, extra estrogen is a surefire way to get started. Pills and supplements are expensive, so you can try some foods that are high in estrogen to boost your hormones instead.
Cherries are by far the best, with up to 700 micrograms of estrogen per serving. Apples are the next highest with 624 mcg of estrogen. Those two are your best bet for aiding in your breast enlargement, but other foods can help as well.

Beets give you 245 mcg of estrogen per serving and carrots will net you 160 mcg. Seeds like flax and fennel will give you from 90-103 mcg, and grains like barley, rice, and wheat will give you around 80 mcg. Herbs and spices like garlic and parsley also contain traces of estrogen in them.
It shouldn’t be a problem for you to start including some of these estrogen-rich foods in your diet-you may have been eating a few of them already.

Many different foods also include phytoestrogen, which can aid in estrogen production. The next time you’re at the store, pick some up and let the extra hormones work their magic on your body. You’ll be very pleased with the results!

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